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Focusing on what matters most to enhance and protect both your position and your reputation

Worried? Feeling Pressure?

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The stakes are high.

Your reputation, and possibly your position are on the line.

Are you confident you’re generating sufficient demand?
Is your account management effort maintaining 70% from existing customers?
Are your opportunities assessed objectively or is there too much pie in the sky? Or don’t you know?
Is your sales team performing at its full potential?
Is your sales coaching: informal, infrequent, or ineffective?


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As a CRO, you have a tough job.

We know how little time you have to make a difference, and we understand the weight on your shoulders.

The team at Oak Island Associates have been working side by side with CROs for decades. Our mission is to make your life easier and your job more successful with consulting that guides you to the revenue-generating resources your company needs.
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“We’ve invested significantly in our selling processes and support systems, how do I know our sales professionals are leveraging these processes to succeed, and how do I know my sales managers support and reinforce these systems and processes?”

~Fortune 50 CRO

The Revenue
STEP 1 – Assess
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We start with an Organizational Assessment. In six weeks we’ll work together to identify organizational improvements across 50 key contributors in six dimensions of your sales system.
STEP 2 – Develop
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Based on the SALESmeasureTM assessment, we will build a tailored roadmap to hit your revenue targets. We define plans, processes and specific actions to achieve measurable outcomes in time-frames that make business sense.
STEP 3 – Succeed
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Oak Island Associates’ stays involved, over time, but the success is yours and yours only as the CRO. We check and adjust, with you, quarterly, to keep the plan on track and help you achieve your goals and objectives.
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CRO’s often lack clarity and certainty surrounding their plans for generating revenue and hitting their targets. 

Oak Island Associates provides the sales effectiveness consulting that gives you confidence you have the right plan in place to always hit your goals.

At Oak Island Associates, we know you face a daunting task as a CRO. You have to hit your quarterly goals consistently, and there’s no room for failure.


The problem is you lack clarity and certainty about your plan to hit those goals. If you find yourself just wondering if you’ll hit your targets, just hoping you do, the stress and pressure are tiresome burdens. We believe every CRO should be equipped with the resources and confidence they need to consistently hit their revenue targets.


We understand the enormous challenges you face because we’ve been working with CROs for decades. We serve CROs by helping them develop or reinforce a clear plan for higher revenue. Let our years of experience give you the confidence you need the next time you meet with the board.


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And in the meantime, download our Dynamic Opportunity Scorecard.
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Download Our FREE Tool:

Spend time ONLY on deals with the highest probability of success.

The Dynamic Opportunity Scorecard brings objectivity to assessing your deals.


Salespeople and Sales Managers tend to be emotional about deals – and sometimes overly optimistic


Apply the Opportunity Scorecard to your deals and you will discover:


Deals that aren’t winnable, but are consuming valuable resources, including your time.


Deals with insufficient information. This creates an action plan for the salesperson to get the answers needed.


Deals with the highest probability of success to pursue vigorously.


Look objectively and critically at all your opportunities to get a clear picture of what your forecast really is.

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