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Focusing on what matters most to enhance and protect both your position and your reputation

Worried? Feeling Pressure?

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The stakes are high.

Your reputation, and possibly your position are on the line.

Are you confident you’re generating sufficient demand?
Is your account management effort maintaining 70% from existing customers?
Are your opportunities assessed objectively or is there too much pie in the sky? Or don’t you know?
Is your sales team performing at its full potential?
Is your sales coaching: informal, infrequent, or ineffective?

We provide services


Oak Island Associates scales up & down to meet any size engagement. Our consultants come from solid professional & academic backgrounds & can tailor solutions to meet your needs.
Our professionals in North America, United Kingdom, Europe, & AsiaPac meet our clients global needs. With language proficiency, cultural knowledge & regional sensitivity we “get” issues clients face globally.
As a firm that is global in our roots, we are accustomed to working virtually across multiple geographies & in all time zones, making our adaptation to the age of COVID-19 all the more relevant & topical.

Pipeline is #1 concern

across all of our clients


of Sales Organizations are not adapting their sales process to their customers’ changing buying process.


Total Revenue Growth

Attributed to normalized scoring of opportunities using an opportunity scorecard.

Corporate Executive Board, now Gartner

Strong Sales Process

Seen by organizations with a sales process that supports rigor needed to drive business.

CSO Insights 2019 Sales Performance Study

Overall Sales Increase

Fortune 50 company in the first year of implementation of a deal coaching process.

Bersin & Associates, now Deloitte

Revenue Increase

Firms that migrated from Informal Coaching to Dynamic Coaching – CSO Insights Sales Performance Study



Improvement in performance across the middle 60% of any organization – Harvard Business Review


Quota Improvement

Salespeople receiving as little as 3 hours/month of coaching – Gartner Research, Sales Executive Council Research


Impact on Quota 

If Coaching using CRM system aligned with a selling process – CSO Insights, 2019 World Class Sales Practices Study.


New Home Page

Our consultants have a wide range of experience in sales effectiveness topics including Pipeline Health, Forecasting, Talent Lifecycle, Coaching & Leadership and Sales Enablement Technologies.  Our goal is to rapidly assess, diagnose and prescribe solutions that you can implement using your own resources.  We see ourselves as a true enabler of growth.

Our roots come from the space.  We understand the entire investment lifecycle your firm experiences with it’s targets and portfolio companies, from pre-acquisition due diligence, to the final stages of divestiture preparation.  As a true partner to founder-friendly PE firms, we understand that you have invested in management teams that are not looking for a long-term partner, but rather a firm that specializes in triage and enabling talented management teams to do what your hired them to do.

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