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Evaluate the skills of incumbents – help them understand their strengths and gaps.


180o Assessment

Both a first-line manager and their team evaluate the application of skills by the manager.

Halo Feedback’s Leadership

360o Assessment

Evaluate the competencies of your Leaders using leading edge technology to get results fast.

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The normal time-lapse between completion of development and measurement is 6 – 9 months. This gives the individual, manager, and organization time to create and deploy development programs and activities identified in the original assessment. An effective reassessment project will also provide reports that allow end-users to see change in their levels of proficiency over time.
ROI of Training – or ROTI – Return On Training Investment – is the most frequent answer. Most companies want to know if the money invested in training is paying off. Our assessments are an important part of the equation. Using Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels, we can test to validate that behavior has changed – a level 3 measurement – which is a strong predictor to the ultimate goal of measuring ROTI.
For the Skillmeasure Self and 180-degree Assessments, we retest the individuals to find out if the training has changed behavior, a strong predictor of ROTI. We use “pulse surveys” that allow us to follow up to a comprehensive 360-degree feedback process. We find that pulse surveys provide a powerful mechanism for brining focus and accountability to development investment and performance improvement.