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360o Feedback

We combine the power of science and technology with an unrelenting focus on creating innovative solutions that are user-friendly. With this technology, you can get an immediate read on the executives you have running your Portfolio Companies. With feedback from your Private Equity Team, the executive’s peers, the executive’s direct reports and the executive themselves you get an unbiased, unfiltered view of your executives’ capabilities. Combine this with an Action-Planning exercise and you’ll see true behavioral change in time-frames that make business sense.

180o Feedback

Our unique approach to evaluating first-line managers, particularly sales-managers, is to ask the person to evaluate him or herself, and the entire team of direct reports evaluate the manager as well. This brings an unbiased appraisal of the group of first-line managers’ strengths and gaps to fill in as little as four weeks. This also motivates the first-line manager to want to change their behavior to meet the expectations of their team.


Evaluate the skills of incumbents to help them understand their strengths and gaps and to help you evaluate what you have to work with quickly. There is no better way to encourage self-development than to transfer accountability from the manager to the individuals on their teams. Combine this with a time-activated Action-Planning exercise and you’ll see true, measurable, behavior change in time-frames that will impact your business


As a Private Equity Organization we know you expect measurement of Return-On-Investment and that includes expenses related to training the staff in your Portfolio Companies. At Oak Island Associates we understand this and have built our assessments around this concept. In as little as 6 months we can tell you if the training your Portfolio Company has invested in is paying off in terms of true behavior change – a predictor of Return-On-Investment – we can also tell you who has benefitted from the training investment and who hasn’t.