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Oak Island Associates is a Sales Performance Consulting Firm

Our Focus

Oak Island Associates is a sales performance consulting firm that helps companies leverage market facing assets to achieve revenue, profitability and market share objectives. Oak Island Associates’ comprehensive portfolio of programs are designed to help companies maximize the ROI of training, operationalize and reinforce selling processes and systems, quantify asset readiness to achieve strategic goals and align an organization’s sales and support groups with its target market – to reconnect with the customer.


While each client engagement is unique, we leverage a systematic approach and a robust body of knowledge of best practices to help our clients achieve measurable results against their business objectives in time frames that make business sense. Our uniqueness comes from the field relevance that our Consultants bring to every engagement.  Our Consultants offer decades of sales experience in field-forward executive positions in the Manufacturing, Technology, Medical Devices, Distribution and Financial Services industries.   This field relevance is evident in our approach, our processes, our tools and our results.


“A passion for our craft” is a commonly heard phrase that describes our professionals’ commitment to the success of our clients.  Coming from the front lines of the Fortune 50 and with a fluency in literally all of the most respected selling and customer service methodologies and systems used by successful companies today, our Consultants add value to every client engagement from the first meeting forward.



We cut our teeth on results.  Our Consultants bring successful executive careers built on delivery of tangible results in highly competitive business segments.  Our clients, typically Chief Revenue Officers or Learning & Development Professionals, are looking for measurable results.  They want to work with Consultants who can speak their language and who understand their business challenges from the outset – they want to work with Oak Island Associates Consultants.


Data Collection

Data is gathered on four key Sales Performance dimensions to support rapid assessment of the client-firm’s capabilities. These include Talent, Pipeline, Leadership & Enablement.


Maturity models are created and benchmarking is sought to reach and validate comparisons. We measure the gap in performance between your firm and best-in-class comparables to reach.

Rapid Assessment

Data is quickly consolidated and analyzed to begin prioritization of the things that matter most to improve sales performance.

Actionable Insight

Findings are translated into recommendations that can be practically executed – high yield, simple to execute improvements become the top priorities.

Virtual Validation

True ownership of change comes with the buy-in of leadership, management and top performing salespeople. We leverage current best practices as a foundation for.


Experts are made available to ensure the right things are happening at the right pace, providing critical support to the management team. Our goal is.