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Tools to Measure Organizational and Sales Productivity

SalesmeasureTM assesses the organization against your competition

6 Dimensions

SalesmeasureTM diagnoses against the six proven dimensions of the Sales Performance System of any organization

50 Benchmarks

“When decisions are made based on instinct and what leaders think will happen, they aren’t based in fact” – we measure against 50 critical benchmarks and display your firm’s current state against your competition using a Maturity Modeling process that is unique to Oak Island Associates

Why us?

Our approach to organizational assessment is, at its heart, practical in that we help organizations to understand where they sit in each of six critical dimensions of the Sales Performance System, in relation to their fiercest competitor.  SalesmeasureTM is a diagnostic solution that empowers sales leaders to leverage strengths, identify gaps and recognize capabilities to win in the market.

What we do?

Our approach leverages 50 best-of-breed benchmarks from only the best-of-the-best sources – we are not limited to one source due to organizational constraints – this allows are clients to see the most important and meaningful benchmark in any given area to reach conclusions about where to invest for the most rapid ROI.

What is our benefit?

We use Maturity Modeling as a “need to know” for organizations that must make incremental investments to be better than the number one competitor in their space, not World-Class in all that they do.  SkillmeasureTM is a tool that can be deployed rapidly and that is uniquely tailored to your company, in your market, and that tells you where to focus on what matters most.

SkillmeasureTM assessments for self-assessment of salespeople


35% of CSOs don’t know what measurable improvements they seek from training

CSO Insights
2019 Sales Best Practices Study

$12,000/year per salesperson

$12,000/year per salesperson is the REAL cost of training when travel and opportunity cost are factored in

Study by Carter Brown,
former CEO of Omega Performance Solutions

Why us?

SkillmeasureTM assessments are unique in the market.  These assessments are the only situational/behavioral assessments that lend credibility to self assessing a sales force.  The learner is presented with unique selling situations that force them to choose a response that aligns with their application of learned skills versus their knowledge of a learned skill.

What we do?

Assessment events are assigned to the learner.  After we assess a population of learners, reports are generated at the individual and group levels that show:


  • Training and development needs across the organization
  • Barriers to performance
  • Strengths which can and should be leveraged

What is our benefit?

The executive stakeholders we work with also understand the greatest cost of training is the opportunity cost of time out of the field.  Through establishing a clear focus based on identified gaps, these companies are leveraging their training dollars like never before and greatly reducing travel and opportunity costs typically associated with training initiatives.

SkillmeasureTM 1800 assessments for sales managers and their teams


87% of what a manager learns during formal training is lost within a month

Sales Executive Council Study

11% Sales Revenue

11% Sales Revenue Increase is the difference between applied coaching in a Dynamic Coaching Environment versus the typical environment that managers exist in today


Why us?

Typically managers on the front line require a rationale for taking time out of the field.  Our 1800 coaching assessment provides just that, a clear picture of what they think they are doing, versus what their team sees every day.  It’s not unusual for us to see a 15 point difference across the board where the team sees managers as much less effective coaches versus how they see themselves.

What we do?

Assessment events are assigned to the individual learner and their entire team.  After we assess a population of learners, and their teams, reports are generated at the individual and group levels that show:


  • The current perception of managers by their teams – this is the benchmark we use to determine the effectiveness of manager-coaching in an organization.
  • The gap the manager must bridge to become an effective coach in the eyes of his or her team
  • The organizational gap that presents a revenue generation opportunity to the firm if filled

What is our benefit?

Through the SkillmeasureTM assessment we can push accountability for application of learning to the individual manager.  The results of the assessment become a valuable part of the dialogue between the first-line manager and his or her supervisor – to develop an action plan to rapidly bridge the skills-application gap and create revenue for the firm.